Universal Basic Resources (UBR) is a company created by Futurist Chet W. Sisk to help organize people, resources and opportunities in building an abundant, empowered and shared world ahead. Chet provides consultation and keynote presentations to provide insight on trends and shifts that are reshaping everything. In an effort to have more Black and Indigenous People of Color involved in climate change resilience, sustainability and adaptation, Chet has also has created a project called The UBR Climate Strong Initiative.

Here are the participants in the 2020 - 2021 UBR Climate Strong Initiative


​Alicia Fall leads a non-profit called Her Many Voices. She is launching an effort to train women of color to participate in the hemp industry. Hemp is a sustainable product.

Nmuta Jones is a software designer who has created a game that rewards the player for making sustainable decisions, climate resilience understanding and 


​Ryan Landell is a photographer and videographer who is recording stories of people who have developed resiliency. He is gathering these stories to provide us with a roadmap to develop resilient communities.

Xitlali Baila
​ is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and model who has created her own line of fashion that is sustainable and made from hemp.

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Michcael Tipton Jr is an entrepreneur working on finding ways more people of color can participate in developing electric vehicle charging stations.

​VIta Earth Fund is developing a recording label and promotions company dedicated to artists who champion climate awareness

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Jazmine and Lori Pace are a Mother/Daughter team that is forwarding a development project called "Sustainahood", making sustainable and net-zero emission homes accessible in BIPOC communities. 

Here are our partners who helped make this project happen...


   Sarah McKenzie


Chet W. Sisk and Universal Basic Resources

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Do you have an innovative climate change project that can help build resiliency and empowerment in your community? Are you a Black and Indigenous Person of Color or would you like to partner with a BIPOC entrepreneur for your climate resilience project? We want to hear from you. Click the link below...


​​​I created the Universal Basic Resources platform so that individuals would have the opportunity to actively participate in creating a  transformed and regenerated future for the world.

I travel all over the planet and keep finding that if we simply had more resources and support, we’d create transformative and empowered communities. Here is my effort to that end.
My sole desire is to make sure I leave the planet better than I found it. I believe many of you feel the same way.

It’s my hope that this evolutionary platform will provide you with everything you need to contribute positively to our future. 


Chet W. Sisk

Founder/ Futurist/ Speaker