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It's about Caste. Why US Politics are in freefall and what we can do next. A briefing from Futurist

Updated: Jan 2

Here's a social experiment to try. The next time you hear someone use the term "Socialism" as a negative insult, substitute it for the term "looking out for each other by putting all shoulders at the wheel". Then listen to their argument. The US has socialism baked into it's system (ie: Medicare, Medicaid, fire departments, fair labor laws, unemployment insurance, the military, etc) It seems obvious that what they fear about socialism isn't socialism, but something else. The political label may be misleading. Here are some examples of misleading political labels:

  • Adolph Hitler’s political party was called the National Socialist German Workers' Party. That title would suggest a party dedicated to the welfare of workers of Germany as well as the social welfare of all of it’s citizens. The fact is that it was cover for a Fascist, authoritarian and expansionist political organization, leveraging a racist ideology to will itself to power. It should be noted that the Nazi Party took a great deal of time to study the Jim Crow laws of the US to devise it’s own version of racism, segregation and "othering".

  • Joseph Stalin’s political party was called the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, but in fact and detail, it was an authoritarian construct Stalin used to kill his political rivals and 20 million other people he didn’t care for.

  • Albert Leopold created something called the Congo Free State in what is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Free would suggest free will, freedom and freedom of choice. He ended up destroying the environment of the country and killing 10 million people to hold onto his authoritarian power.

In other words, these power structures were not about their political name or ideology. They were creating power, wealth and control for a few at the expense of the many. In each of these structures an elite group of people destroyed the quality of life of others so that a small group of people could enjoy great and expanded benefits. The gigantic rise in income inequality, rampant graft among politicians combined with historic systemic racism is producing the same scenario in the US. It is the collective belief that says ---"some get, most don't." Further proof of this trend is our inability to provide health care to all of our citizens and our inability to do something about climate change because it may mean giving up privilege. This choice of governance is called a Caste system.

Caste is a form of social stratification that believes some are more deserving than others. A large number of current politicians (and many of their working class supporters) are all dedicated to maintaining and defending that caste, no matter what political badge it is labeled under.

Years ago, a man once told me after one of my presentations "I'd rather watch this bitch burn to the ground than to share in it's abundance". This is the essence of caste.

What we do now is create a vision around re-imagined systems so that we leverage the power and possibilities of all of our people. We need more ideas and creative thinking, not less. The focus should now be about infrastructure development and tapping into the best resource at hand...our people. Creating systems that use all of our resources creates possibilities above and beyond our wildest dreams, especially in times of dramatic and unprecedented change. Anything less than that re-imagining will doom our future to the dustbins of other failed attempts at caste.

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