• Chet W. SIsk

We are in the dark night of the soul. A briefing from Futurist Chet W. Sisk

In the many years I spent as a support coach for homeless residents at the Samaritan House homeless shelter here in Denver, Colorado, I always used The Hero’s Journey as a tool to help my clients understand what was happening to them. For those of you who don’t know, The Hero’s Journey is an ancient construct of storytelling, often used by The Yoruba of West Africa, in ancient Greek mythology and Native and Central American diety stories. In this construct, all of us take off in an area of known facts and experiences. As we continue the journey, we end up in the unknown, run into a major conflict, then end up in a crisis….a dark night of the soul that potentially is totally destructive. In the middle of crisis, we either become destroyed under the weight of the moment or rise to become transformed and greater than ever before as we return on a new journey. Welcome to the dark night of the soul. We are there. Right now. Here in the States. The election of November 3rd, 2020 is one of the most important moments in the history of this country, and perhaps the world. The ongoing crises of the COVID 19 pandemic, centuries old systemic racism, unprincipled and unethical political operatives, expanding income inequality, firmly entrenched misogyny, ignored climate crisis, legalized bribery, and the philosophy of “every man for himself” have brought us to this moment in time where we have to decide who we want to be when we grow up. Some would approach the dark night of the soul with dread because of how it takes us deeply into the unknown and often, with pain. But we must remember, pain is not the same as suffering. Pain comes when transition happens, such as the birth of a child. Suffering is when we choose to make the pain a negative and ugly affair. As you leave the room you are in, you pass through the door into a new room and new opportunities. The direct next room we step into is to transformation, but only if we choose it. We could stay in our current room and be locked in darkness. The vote that happens on the third is that door. We are being asked to either embrace our darker, uglier human elements of selfishness, violence, racism, stupidity and arrogance or step into our transformation with power and strength. Choosing the latter puts us on a new path, a new journey of greatness we would never have chosen had it not been for the dark night of the soul. Let’s face it….most of us would never embrace new ideas, a new path and a new vision unless we were forced into the moment. We’re here. That’s why the Dark Night Of The Soul can be a blessing if we see it as such. As a Futurist, I see us making a wise choice this Tuesday. I also see a new era being ushered in, not by the work of the politicians, but by the voters who recognized how close we came to the edge of the abyss because we were sleeping on the job. Even more, the challenges we face require all shoulders at the wheel. This moment cannot be left up to old men in suits to decide for us. As the evidence demonstrates, they are out of their depth for this new phase. This prediction that we will choose well does take into account the illegal and unethical shenanigans of unsavory humans who will not respect the popular vote. My prediction is simply that we will choose correctly and will defend our decision and the new, transformed path we will now walk on. Keep the faith, baby. Chet

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